Town Meeting Monday 19. School Committee

Town of Gosnold Voters-


I have decided to run for  Gosnold School Committee. I have spent the last 36 years in both public and independent education. I have taught both high school and middle school science. In my present position, I teach, manage and advocate for students with learning style differences.  If elected, I look forward to serving.


Dorothy Garfield

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FW: Town Meeting Monday 19. Selectmen candidates

Ginny Doran and Sarah Berry running for Selectmen.


May 17, 2014


Town of Gosnold residents,

I am writing this to inform you that I am again running for the position of Selectman. I have been at this job for 9 years and feel there is still work to be done and that I have a lot to offer. I have always given to the job my all, and continue to be prepared to do so. I have done my best to be a voice of the people and do my best to maintain an unbiased attitude toward people and do what is fair for the Town as well as the people in general.  This is not always an easy job to do but I have done my best for the last nine years and would continue to do so.

Thank you for the amazing opportunity and support. I hope I get the chance to be your selectman for another term.

Ginny Doran




May 16, 2014


From Sarah Berry



I have come to Cuttyhunk for my entire life . I have become involved in  island concerns through the Long Range Planning Committee since inception, and on FinCom for the last two years. There is nothing that interests me more than securing a sustainable future for both year rounders and the seasonal users of the island’s resources, businesses and community. In the LRP we have developed a long list of priorities that I believe I can serve with a sense of balance, a willingness to think about the whole needs of the island, and the people who have chosen to live and work here. It is not easy to live and work on an island! It is not easy to be a selectperson on an island either  but there is much work to be done in the next few years with the infrastructure work that needs to be done, the services that need to be maintained, and the resources that need to be preserved. I believe I can contribute to this work.


My professional life is devoted to investments and financial planning for individuals, foundations, and companies. I have chaired and served on numerous non- profits in Worcester for the last 30 years, both cultural, educational, and medical, as well as the community foundation and have a good sense of working on a team.  I am sure I have much to learn, but am a willing to do the work for Cuttyhunk. I have had to adapt to in increasingly regulated environment in the workplace, much as Cuttyhunk has had to adapt to new regulations across the board, though at times it feels invasive to us all.


I have given this decision to run a great deal of thought and hope you will support me.



Cell 508-320-2400

Home 508-869-6661

Cuttyhunk 508-996-0009

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Saving Energy and Dollars


All refrigerators and freezers older than 10 years old!


Are you tired of your high electric bills on Cuttyhunk?


The second highest use of electricity on Cuttyhunk behind your lighting is refrigeration. Why not get proactive about refrigerators and help reduce demand, while saving money as we prepare for a solar transition?


A 20-year-old 18 cu. refrigerator uses 1176 Kw @ .60 cents per year, or $720 annually. Its blue energy star energy efficient counterpart consumes only 292 Kw per year or $292. That’s a difference of $ 413 for your pocketbook. A 10-year-old unit swapped out will save you $ 225. per year. As of 5-1-14, a new 18 cu. GE or Frigidaire energy star fridge is selling at a special Island price of $ 550.00 at Stan and Paul’s.  And they deliver to the MV!  So it would pay for itself in 14 months, thereafter providing serious annual savings.


{Naushon successfully lowered its Kw demand 15 % by replacing 21 refrigerators/freezers, switching all lite bulbs to LED, banning electric dryers, stoves and AC.}  Think about it? We have 174 residential electric meters on the Island and should have the willpower and ability to control what we consume!


Regarding light bulbs, we extend a huge thanks to energy crusader Jim <Joe’s Electric > Conway, who will be dispensing LED light bulbs liberally to everyone on the Island who wants to upgrade from traditional bulbs. This will provide you with an instant savings with no up front cost. You must promise to remove all traditional bulbs from the Island to qualify.


Traditional 60-watt bulbs cost you $ 24 annually to operate. An LED equivalent costs $5.00. That’s a $19 savings per year on one bulb, times how many bulbs do you have?


As you install the generous gift of LED bulbs take a look at your old refrigerator. There’s a web site, www.appliance411.c, that will tell you how old your refrigerator is; and if it doesn’t show up it’s an antique and we fear many of them lurking on the Island guzzling Kw’s. These are weekend warriors whose time has come. Summer or winter residents will realize an instant savings .


Additionally, electric heat, stoves and dryers should seriously be reviewed. There are some great new heat pumps now available, which will provide huge savings on electric baseboard systems.


Lets collectively work hard to reduce our demand while lowering our carbon use and enhancing our pocketbooks .  Solving the problem, not contributing to it!  This is truly a win win for you and the Island .



Cuttyhunk Land Initiative

Tom Hardy/Wyatt Garfield




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A note to the island about Charles Vogt

Good morning Paula.  Could you please forward this to the Cuttyhunk group?  We would appreciate it 🙂

Hugs and love……Emily


As most of you may have heard already, dad lost his battle with cancer April 27th.  He fought to the bitter end and we are so proud of his strength.  We want to thank everyone for the kind thoughts and gestures you have shown us during this difficult time. We have so much to be thankful for. We will be having a “Celebration of Life” for my father on Cuttyhunk either June 27th or 28th. We were so blessed to have been able to spend my father’s last days at the McCarthy Care Center in Sandwich, MA and would love the opportunity to give back to this facility. In lieu of flowers, we are asking people to donate to Hope Health Hospice.


Once on this site, please make sure you pay tribute to my father by putting his name down. We would also love to be able to thank you personally so please include Emily’s  email address ( in your tribute.  The staff at the McCarthy Care Center made this part of dad’s life journey a peaceful, pain free one. We will never forget this magical place or the people who helped dad. There hasn’t been a minute that has gone by where we haven’t thought about him, but knowing that he is now at peace has comforted our family.


With sincere gratitude,

Emily, Benjamin and Dawn

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Milton Jacques Service August 17

Milton O Jacques Jr Obituary 6-11-13

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Tide, Eco-Toilet Flyer

Anastasia Karplus came and spoke at the last Selectmen’ s meeting and thought the attached might be of interest.

A Description of Eco-toilets FINAL

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Notice for 8/24/13 L R Planning Meeting

Sat. Aug 24, 3:30 pm – Town Hall


1. Review of 8/3/13 LRP Minutes

2. Fuel Contract sub-committee report

3. Tick recommendations from Sara Lehner & Nina Brodeur

4. Old Business – Update on Community Preservation Act training

5. New Business

6. Topics for & Dates of next meeting

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CDC: Lyme Disease Much More Common Than Previously Estimated.

New estimates from the CDC on the incidence of Lyme disease received moderate coverage in print and online, and the story was featured on all three of last night’s national news broadcasts, where it received a total of nearly seven minutes of coverage. Most sources quote Dr. Paul Mead, chief of epidemiology and surveillance for CDC’s Lyme disease program. Many sources point out that while it was suspected that that official estimates were low, the new figure indicates that Lyme disease represents a serious public health issue.

ABC World News reported, “Lyme disease is on the move and the CDC now reports that ten times as many people are being infected as previously thought.” ABC’s Chief Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser said that “the previous estimate was 30,000 cases per year,” but the CDC now estimates that there are approximately “300,000 cases of Lyme Disease every year.”

NBC Nightly News reported that “nearly all those 300,000 cases are in the Northeast and upper Midwest.”

CBS Evening News correspondent Dr. John LaPook said, “Today’s estimate is so much higher than previous official numbers because most cases go unreported. But the CDC tells me there has also been a real increase in Lyme cases, likely tripling over the past 20 years.”

The AP (8/20, Stobbe) reports that the new figure “comes from a survey of seven national laboratories, a national patient survey and a review of insurance” data. According to Dr. Mead, “It’s giving us a fuller picture and it’s not a pleasing one.”

Bloomberg News (8/20, Edney) reports that in a statement, Dr. Mead said, “This new preliminary estimate confirms that Lyme disease is a tremendous public health problem in the United States, and clearly highlights the urgent need for prevention.” US News & World Report (8/20, Rosenberg) reports that, in a press release, Lyle Peterson, director of the CDC’s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases, said, “We need to move to a broader approach to tick reduction, involving entire communities, to combat this public health problem.”

On its front page, the Boston Globe (8/20, A1, Daley) reports that Dr. Mead said that researchers had already known that the number was higher than previous estimates, but they did not know exactly how much higher.

The NPR (8/20, Knox) “Shots” blog points out that Mead “presented the new ‘preliminary’ estimate at an international conference in Boston on Lyme and other” diseases carried by ticks. Also covering the story are the Portland (ME) Press Herald (8/20, Anderson), Santa Rosa (CA) Press Democrat (8/19, Kovner), and HealthDay (8/20, Preidt).

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Tick info from Martha’s Vineyard and Selectmen’s minutes May 3 2013

There is a very good video embedded in the article.
Have Host Will Travel, Ticks And Deer Thrive on Vineyard

May 3 2013 BOS Minutes

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Harbor minutes. Lyme wars.

May Harbor minutes attached.

Lyme wars.

Subject:  A very good listen.  Good source and balanced.  Not all the answers but a baseline.

gos-hmc 050413_approved minutes

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