Art Show and Sale at the Avalon!

Art Show and Sale at the Avalon
Work created by the artists involved in the 
2014 Cuttyhunk Artists’ Retreat at the Avalon
Tuesday, September 10th, from 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Come join us for art and appetizers ~
bring your own beverage
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Bats and Rabies Memo

As you may already be aware, calls to public health agencies regarding bats and potential exposures to bats, are on the rise at this time of year. This is because attics are the place in a house where bats usually choose to roost and raise their young. During the summer days, an attic can become too warm for the bats, forcing them into people’s living quarters as they search for cooler places to roost. In addition, baby bats born earlier in the summer are getting old enough to start exploring on their own. Inexperienced young bats may fly down a chimney, through an open window, or down attic stairs. This may place them in proximity to, or even in direct contact with, people. Please see the attachment for some reminders about handling exposures to bats.

Bats and Rabies Memo 2014

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community announcement Pastor Wes Movie Aug 7.

This Thursday, Aug. 7

Join Pastor
Wesley Williams

To see and discuss the heartwarming motion picture…

“Something The Lord
Has Made”

7:00 pm at the church

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Wyatt “Wye” Garfield

It is with great sadness that Kitsy Garfield and her children and their
families share the passing of Wye Garfield today .He loved the island of
Cuttyhunk more than any place on earth, as we all do. More information will

Thank you, Sarah Berry
August 4, 2014

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Joe’s Light Bulb Exchange update

As of August 4, 2014 Joe’s Exchange has swapped 1520 LED bulbs for
incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent bulbs. 70% of the swapped
bulbs have been incandescent. Avalon and the Cuttyhunk Fishing Club required
approximately 250 bulbs between them. Aside from the two inns, the 84 other
locations we have visited have exchanged about 15 bulbs apiece. Joe’s
Exchange still has a list of 40 locations yet to participate. If
Cuttyhunkers do not come to Joe’s Exchange someone from our operation will
visit you, or try to catch you on the road in an effort to promote the
swaps. Over 1000 of the exchanged bulbs have already been recycled to New
Hampshire for use at Harbor Homes, a non-profit catering to disabled
veterans, the chronic homeless, and the indigent.

Joe’s Exchange would like to send a special thank you salute to Alex Barden
who took the time to educate me and others as to why it is important for
Cuttyhunk to swap out compact fluorescent bulbs as well as incandescents and
halogens. Alex personally visited many houses and exchanged hundreds of

Joe’s Exchange is hopeful that its goal of reducing Cuttyhunk’s fuel usage
by 10%, or about $23,000 a year is within sight.  Thank you to everyone who
has participated in the exchange. Ann and I look forward to reaching out to
those still on our list. 

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Fine Wine Tasting to Benefit New Pickle Ball Court

This Sat from 6 to 8 there is a quality wine tasting from High Hook wines at the Cuttyhunk Club, proceeds to benefit the new community pickle ball court  . Tix 15.00 available at the island Market or Cuttyhunk Club . This video from Brian Williams is a hoot and explains why Cuttyhunk needs a pickle ball court <or two >.

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Please call Emily at 508-728-1072 for SEPTIC PUMP OUT 🙂

Emily asked me to let you know that there is room on the barge if anyone needs to bring stuff on or off island. Please call her number


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Tick Eradication Project

Attached is a letter urging your support for a vital effort to eliminate ticks on Cuttyhunk Island.  Tick-free by 2017!


CH Tick Eradication Letter to Property Owners 7.14

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Cuttyhunk Union Calendar 2014 Season

2014 church season

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Cuttyhunk Provisions Update for July

Cuttyhunk Provisions July 2014 Flyer Update

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