Island Energy Conference publicity on Cuttyhunk

Register to Attend the Fifth Annual Island Energy Conference, November 7-8, Portland and Peaks Island, ME
Cuttyhunk residents are invited to participate in panel presentations, project planning sessions, networking, and a field trip to Peaks Island at the Island Energy Conference! Topics we will discuss at the conference include bulk purchasing of energy efficient products, alternative transportation, innovation on diesel-powered islands, island community-developer relations in offshore wind projects, funding opportunities, and many other issues related to efficiency and renewable energy projects on islands and islanded grids. The Island Energy Conference is made possible by the support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s WINDExchange program, and also serves as a regional convening for the Islanded Grid Resource Center. Registration is open until October 31, 2014, and remote participation is available. For detailed information, please visit our website at

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