Saving Energy and Dollars


All refrigerators and freezers older than 10 years old!


Are you tired of your high electric bills on Cuttyhunk?


The second highest use of electricity on Cuttyhunk behind your lighting is refrigeration. Why not get proactive about refrigerators and help reduce demand, while saving money as we prepare for a solar transition?


A 20-year-old 18 cu. refrigerator uses 1176 Kw @ .60 cents per year, or $720 annually. Its blue energy star energy efficient counterpart consumes only 292 Kw per year or $292. That’s a difference of $ 413 for your pocketbook. A 10-year-old unit swapped out will save you $ 225. per year. As of 5-1-14, a new 18 cu. GE or Frigidaire energy star fridge is selling at a special Island price of $ 550.00 at Stan and Paul’s.  And they deliver to the MV!  So it would pay for itself in 14 months, thereafter providing serious annual savings.


{Naushon successfully lowered its Kw demand 15 % by replacing 21 refrigerators/freezers, switching all lite bulbs to LED, banning electric dryers, stoves and AC.}  Think about it? We have 174 residential electric meters on the Island and should have the willpower and ability to control what we consume!


Regarding light bulbs, we extend a huge thanks to energy crusader Jim <Joe’s Electric > Conway, who will be dispensing LED light bulbs liberally to everyone on the Island who wants to upgrade from traditional bulbs. This will provide you with an instant savings with no up front cost. You must promise to remove all traditional bulbs from the Island to qualify.


Traditional 60-watt bulbs cost you $ 24 annually to operate. An LED equivalent costs $5.00. That’s a $19 savings per year on one bulb, times how many bulbs do you have?


As you install the generous gift of LED bulbs take a look at your old refrigerator. There’s a web site, www.appliance411.c, that will tell you how old your refrigerator is; and if it doesn’t show up it’s an antique and we fear many of them lurking on the Island guzzling Kw’s. These are weekend warriors whose time has come. Summer or winter residents will realize an instant savings .


Additionally, electric heat, stoves and dryers should seriously be reviewed. There are some great new heat pumps now available, which will provide huge savings on electric baseboard systems.


Lets collectively work hard to reduce our demand while lowering our carbon use and enhancing our pocketbooks .  Solving the problem, not contributing to it!  This is truly a win win for you and the Island .



Cuttyhunk Land Initiative

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